Chat simulator

Use the chat simulator 

  •  The chat simulator is going to document the result of your group’s work, and to do that we will simulate a messenger chat between 2 people.
  • First, formulate an idea for the chat – on paper, on cards, on your favourite messenger, wherever you like.
  • Type in a text and emojis.
  • Click Submit to the left or right, depending on the chat – you can see straight away what the chat looks like.
  • When you have finished, click the graphic symbol at the top to download your chat (be a bit patient).
  • Whoever sent you the link can access your documentation and that way you can look together at the result from your group.

Create a chat

  • Create a group (it will be saved locally on your device, so this should also be available at the workshop for presentations).
  • Create as many chats as you will have mini-groups.
  • Click separately on each chat. You can send the links in the browser address line to your mini-groups, copy them onto work sheets, generate QR codes, etc.
  • At the end of the workshop stage, you can access all the chats via your group (on your local device of via a link) and present them centrally, e.g. during the evaluation/presentation stage.

open source

The chat simulator is open source. It is published here and you are welcome to use it for your own projects. The chat simulator has 2 components: a back-end that can be installed easily as a docker file, and a front-end as a WordPress plug-in. There the API can be defined as a server and chats can also be designed. We naturally look forward to onward development, feedback, etc. – if possible directly on GitHub.